The Ketogenic Diet Explained

Is the ketogenic diet the right diet for me?!?

I will start by saying that I do NOT believe in DIETS. If that rubs you wrong to start then stop reading now. I am going to give you an overview of how things are working. There is a lot of good information coming out right now about the "Keto Diet." It has been shown in research and other "sites" that the ketogenic diet has been magical for some people especial if you're a fat kid at heart like me. I want more people to be at a healthy weight, but does the ketogenic diet work for everyone? I am saddened by how our nation is at 40% obesity. It is shocking and in the decade I have been in fitness it has continued to get worse.

Back to the "Keto" thing, now what we need to have an understanding of is there is two ways the body can process the energy that we give it. It will either happen in Ketosis or Glycolysis. To break down the two, first Ketosis sense we are on that kick, it is where the body converts energy (food) into Ketos (fat) to use throughout the body. Second, Glycolysis is where the body converts energy (food) into glycose (sugar) to use in the body.

understanding the keto diet.png

Now heres the thing, the body should go in and out of both of these! WHAT?!?! To dive deeper, we have goals, right?!? So, what is your goal? That will then make the decision for you in regards to which of the two states you should be in more or less. From there we should also know that the body learns really well. So once it gets on a track it wants to stay on the track till we force the change. 

Where do we go from here, if being on "Keto" makes you find balance in your food and keeps you way from processed stuff then I am a fan! Make it about getting the right amount of Proteins, Carbs, and Fats. Like eat real food and grow a relationship with the food. If you need to know more about what those three words above are a mystery to you then that is where I would suggest starting learning over jumping on the next high ticket DIET.

ketosis and glycolysis.png

Here the facts, if the body is out of whack then dependent on the person it will do things we don't want. Weather that be gain weight or loss to much weight. There is such thing as both for people, we have all thought our bodies to learn in a way. If we want change we have to teach it something else. We should be getting 5-7 servings or Protein, 5-7 servings of Fats, 6-8 servings of Veggies each day. If you want to know more the onlines is great place to start or getting a coach. If that is something that interest you then reach out at