Training Fundamentals

Barbell Training.jpg

What is training? 
Here are the facts, we as a nation are at a 40% obesity rate. That is a major issue, I understand and agree that we need to accept people for who they are but I believe everyone should be at a healthy body weight. Why, you ask? Because it is what the body wants. It feels best at a healthy weight, it does the things that allow us to feel good and live longer. If you don't believe that I will ask you stop reading now. 


From there if you can move well and move often the research has shown life is better. What do I mean better? You body operates more efficiently. You remain from getting as tired as you might if you were not at a healthy body weight. I want everyone to be happy and live the life they want. If you want to go on a walk with your dog, go for the walk! If you want to go for a hike go for the hike and so on! Life the life you desire. This takes me to training, the main question. 

What is TRAINING?!?! You being prepared.