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Get moore out of the athlete inside of you!


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If you take responsibility for yourself you will develop a hunger to accomplish your dreams.

- Les Brown

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How it works


QUESTIONNAIRE : To begin you will be prompted to complete a comprehensive questionnaire to help Coach Joe understand your situation, preferences and body type. This will allow Joe to put together a program specifically for you to ensure optimal progress towards the desired outcome.


INITIAL ASSESSMENT : The aim of this session is to get a baseline of where you are currently at in regards to body composition and with strength to weight ratio with a bodyweight exercise fitness test, a series of measurements and progress pictures. This will serve as a great method of judging your progress later down the line  and maintain motivation levels.



RECEIVE A PERSONALIZED TRAINING PROGRAM : You will receive the first phase of your 3 phase progressive training program within 3 days of completing the questionnaire. From then on it will be updated every 4 weeks. This will aid in avoiding plateau and ensuring progressive overload.

RECEIVE PERSONALIZED NUTRITION GUIDELINES : You will receive the initial guidelines for your nutrition program within 3 days of completing the questionnaire. From then on you will receive updates weekly. It is more of an educational/experimentation  process for the first few weeks before going into structured meal plans.  This approach increases the chance of long term sustainable change so you know exactly what you need to do to enjoy the results for the rest of your life.




WEEKLY CHECK INS AND PROGRAM UPDATES : Joe will check in with you regularly to answer questions, keep you motivated and work closely with you to make amendments/updates to plans where necessary in order to optimize results.

24/7 SUPPORT : You will have support whenever needed either via the online instant messaging platform, private Facebook group and phone calls every 4 weeks for the more detailed subjects so you’ll always have all the help, motivation or accountability you need.  Joe prides himself in clear explanations and continuous guidance regarding how to make the most of your program for maximum results.



PROGRESS REVIEW EVERY 6 WEEKS : Every 6 weeks Joe will review your progress and instruct you to do a physical review with another bodyweight fitness test along with new measurements and progress pictures. You will then have an in depth review of your program to discuss potential changes/ preferences and make sure the next 6 week phase is as suited to you as possible to maintain a steady rate of progress.

END GOAL : By now you have reached goal you set initially. If you have not seen results I offer a money back guarantee (as long as you have followed your program 100%). You will have learned a lot on the way and should feel confident in maintaining your progress. There is the option to continue receiving programming for another 12 week phase. Maybe you want would like to work towards a different goal,(i.e from fat loss onto a muscle gain plan) or just keep your training and diet plans updated regularly.